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RTriad Apprenticeship Program


Now Offering Multiple Roles 

Our programs will allow you to apply for roles where you will be paid to cultivate skills through training and work based learning experiences.

The process includes free training to qualify for progression in the program. These qualifying credentials result in industry recognized certifications and can typically be completed in less than 4 weeks. We include vouchers for certification exams in the program.

Once certified, you will qualify to paid for additional learning and certifications. Achievement of certifications also correspond to wage increases, yes raises that are in your control!

All programs also include a one year subscription to our Learning and Career Development community, KnowWon. KnowWon focuses on building the social capital (i.e. connection to experts, mentors and coaches) that help accelerate economic mobility.


Current Roles:

  • Information Security Analyst
  • Software Developer (DevOps)

We look forward to helping you get started in our "Learn to Earn" programs!

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Learn to Earn!

We help you build technical skills for your next career!


  Three (3) industry-standard certifications offered during the program

Coaching and Mentoring on various career paths

Access to college credit courses

We are addressing career acceleration and economic mobility by building social capital using the world's 1st learning and career development community online. Increasing proximity to experts, mentors and coaches (career catalyst) is our super power. #KnowWon knows it all.”

Kevin Robinson, President RTriad Enterprises LLC