While “What is an expert?” seems like a relatively simple question, the answer is subjective.


Definitions from Oxford, Dictionary.com, Merriam-Webster Webster and others all point to an expert as one with knowledge. Some even qualify that knowledge as authoritative. An expert can be a specialist or a master.


What does it take to become an expert?


Developing expertise requires a concentrated effort to learn. A collection of skills and information in a selected area makes you knowledgeable but taking it further makes you an expert.


Experts continue to learn, experience, and practice the mastery of the skill. We often see these types of specialists go as far as to develop companion or coordinating skills or knowledge to make them that much more effective in their chosen field. Experts are ever growing but they all begin somewhere. Foundation is important to development and learning from existing practitioners and experts in a field is ideal but often that good fortune must first be earned.


Take a moment to check out this video from RTriad President and CTO, Kevin Robinson where he goes into detail on what defines an expert. Here are some highlights!

Take a look at these seven expert defining qualifications.
expert 1
expert 2
expert 3
expert 5
expert 5-1
expert 6
expert 7

The KnowWon program offers the opportunity for participants to enter at their own level and ability.


Our Pre-Apprentice program, geared towards technical industry newcomers supports a foundational goal of becoming an IT specialist. With coaching and mentoring at the ready, program members access training through project based learning activities. Three industry standard certifications are offered throughout the program with the preceding work teaching you the skills necessary to pass. As participants learn the ins and outs of local, cloud, communication networks and more, they equip themselves to meet the prerequisites for in-field roles and career paths.


KnowWon’s goal is expertise and support for each of its participants. Members of the Apprentice program build on their existing knowledge. This opportunity is often leveraged by entry level professionals who wish to further their career path. With access to college credit courses, members have the opportunity to further their formal information technology knowledge. Mentorship and coaching additionally adds to the professional and social capital that often opens doors and creates new opportunities.


While these two programs address the needs of current and future employees, an additional opportunity is provided to meet the needs of employers.


Both the pre-apprentice and apprentice programs produce ready to hire candidates, human resource teams and hiring managers can use the KnowWon Talent Development Program to grow the skill set of existing talent. We work with employers to provide education and certification preparation to staff. Supporting new and existing team members presents a reduction in turnover and internal training needs.


For more information on where you fit in at Know Won visit our programs page.